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Chiller Features that a Waterjet Cutting Machine Requires

  • Water temperatures below 65 degrees F
  • Up to 5 gallons per minute water flow

Features that an HT Waterjet Chiller provides that will save you time and money

  • Water temperatures below 65 degrees F
  • Up to 5 gallons per minute water flow
  • Runs only when needed
  • Runs efficiently (85% more efficient than a process chiller)
  • Stores energy during periods of inactivity and light loads
  • Runs quietly
  • A patent pending all copper coil which allows for the most efficient heat absorption.
  • All non-ferrous connectors
  • Parts are available at any reputable a/c, refrigeration wholesale house

The majority of chillers marketed to waterjet owners are process chillers.

The reason: It was the only choice on the market!

Process chillers are intended for equipment that requires a small differential in temperatures (processes like food prep and plastic manufacturing usually 1 - 4 degrees). In order to deliver such a tight range of temperature, a process chiller uses a hot gas by-pass valve (or some sort of unloading of capacity technique) to maintain that exact temperature range, but that is very inefficient for a waterjet cutting machine.

Any chiller that has a hot gas bypass valve has not been designed specifically for a waterjet cutting machine. It is a process chiller(made for food and plastic processes etc...).

A waterjet cutting machine requires only for the water temperature to be below 65 degrees F (which prolongs the life of the pump and seals) but it really likes the water to be colder.

An HT waterjet chiller maintains the water temperature below 65 degrees F.

A process chiller maintains the temperature at 60 degrees F (+/- 4 degrees).

To a waterjet machine colder is better. A true waterjet chiller allows the water to get to 40 degrees F and maintains the cooling water in the lower temperature range 40-65 degrees F . This prolongs the life of the pump and seals even more.

Any chiller with a hot gas bypass valve is inefficient for use with a waterjet machine.

A process chiller only runs at its full efficiency under a maximum work load, at all other times the excess energy it produces is wasted and it never cycles off.

Comparison Chart

HT Waterjet Chiller

Other Process Chiller

Maintains lower water temperatures

Maintains higher water temperatures

Runs, stores energy, shuts off Runs continuously
Runs at full capacity Runs anywhere from 15% to full capacity
Less expensive to purchase More expensive to purchase
Less expensive to maintain More expensive to maintain:
More controls, valves and parts required to maintain small temperature differential
Quiet - less than 74 decibels Noisy - over 100 decibels
Field Splitable (can be separated) Non-splitable
2 years parts and labor warranty 1 year warranty
Designed for waterjets Designed for a process cooling application
13 SEER rated condensing unit Too inefficient to expose
Parts available locally Parts from manufacturer only
All copper evaporator coil Stainless steel evaporator coil

A TRUE Waterjet Chiller made by HT

The HT Waterjet Chiller is designed specifically for Waterjet cutting machines:

  • Delivers up to 5 gallons per minute at 50 psi water flow.
  • Easily handles over 95 degrees F incoming water temperature and delivers to the waterjet below 65 degrees F without having to oversize its capacity.
  • Maintains low water temperatures to the waterjet cutting machine and/or intensifier pump.
  • Runs just as efficiently for the BTU (heat) removal when the incoming water is extremely high or when it is low.
  • Chills the water, stores the excess cooling and cycles off to save you money.
  • Uses its "stored" capacity, requiring the chiller to cycle on only when the outgoing water temperature approaches 62 degrees F.
  • Runs quietly. The maximum decibel level is 74. (Most process chillers are well over 100 decibels.) A quiet chiller is nice to have since it is often installed within the work space of the waterjet.
  • "Field Splitable." Place the Chiller Cabinet close to the waterjet machine. Place the condensing unit up to 200 feet away from the work area(keeps the heat and noise out of the shop).
  • Parts. Parts are available at any air conditioning and refrigeration wholesale house which minimizes your down time should a problem occur.
  • Warranty. 2 years on parts and labor.

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