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Why just chill your water, when operators get warm, too? Now you can use the outstanding cooling power of the HT Chiller to cool your workspace with the ComfortZone. This accessory ties directly to any HT Chiller, providing powerful cooling capacity to increase your comfort on the job.

HT Waterjet Chiller

Designed specifically for waterjet cutting machines.

The HT Waterjet Chiller is designed for how your waterjet cutting machine operates.

Cold Water

A Waterjet cutting machine requires the water temperature to be below 65 degrees F to prolong the life of its pump and seals. Saving you from costly repairs and down time.

It also allows systems that use city water to cool their intensifier pumps and reuse the water in a closed loop system instead of dumping it down the drain. Thereby saving you money and the unnecessary water usage and sewer bills.


Our 3+ ton chillers are designed specifically for the water usage of a waterjet machine. Cooling produced by our chillers cool your water fast, and cooling not used is stored, keeping your energy bills in mind.

Our units are designed to be combined to provide more chilling capacity when needed.

You need a chiller that can handle your greatest load... hottest day... hottest ambient temperatures...Hard working Pump... and you also need to have a chiller that runs efficiently in those times of less load (which is actually most of the time.)

The HT Waterjet chiller is the answer.

Our energy storage tank stores up to 11,000 BTUs...

  • 3 Ton Units can deliver up to 47,000 BTUs of chilling capacity.

Hensley Thermodynamics presents the difference between a process chiller and a true waterjet chiller. From HT Chiller on Vimeo.

Ready to Take on the most Hostile Environment

With incoming water temperatures of 95+ degrees F and the occasional 200 degree F spikes, the HT waterjet Chiller can efficiently handle constant cutting and store excess cooling energy in its water storage tank.

The unit powers up, stores energy, and then cycles off. It only cycles back on after the waterjet has used up the stored energy.

Quiet Operation

The HT Waterjet Chiller is quiet, - you can have a normal conversation right next to it - operating at less than 74 decibels.

 The "Field Splittable" feature, allowing you to place the condensing unit up to 200 feet away from the chiller cabinet, which removes the noise and the heat discharge.

Parts Availability

Parts are available at any air conditioning and refrigeration wholesale house which minimizes your down time should a problem occur.


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