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How does a HT Waterjet Chiller Work?

A waterjet chiller removes heat energy (BTUs) from a liquid, in our case water.

The HT Waterjet Chiller has a long copper coil scientifically designed for the inside of the Chiller Barrel.

This coil contains the water that will be chilled and delivered to the waterjet machine. The Chiller storage Barrel also contains refrigerant lines containing the environmentally friendly Puron® refrigerant. As the water passes through the Chiller storage Barrel, the refrigerant lines extract the BTUs (heat) from the water in the coil; thus, chilling the water.

Animation showing Trade Mark Waterjet Chiller in action.

If the water does not contain the full BTUs (heat)that can be extracted, the refrigerant lines extract the remaining BTUs (heat)from the water within the Chiller storage Barrel. It is during this time that the HT waterjet chiller starts "storing" energy. When the discharge water temperature approaches 40 degrees F, the refrigeration system cycles off to save you money.

With the refrigeration system cycled off, it is the cold water in the Chiller storage Barrel now extracts the BTUs(heat) from the coil. This process continues to efficiently remove BTUs (heat) from the water until the water approaches 58 degrees F, at which time the refrigeration system cycles back on. Keep in mind that the HT waterjet chiller has been cycled off during this cooling phase using only "stored" energy to cool the water. (this is one major difference between a HT water jet chiller and a process chiller)

When the HT waterjet Chiller runs during the refrigeration cycle, it is running at its maximum capacity. This means that this true water jet chiller does not need to unload excess energy to maintain exact temperatures while the compressor is running wide open, it stores that energy for future use.

In simple terms, our HT Waterjet Chiller: chills, stores and cycles off and keeps on chilling while off.


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