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Mark Hensley established Trade Mark Air Conditioning in 1979 and has been licensed in air conditioning and commercial refrigeration for 30+ years.

Mark saw the need for a chiller specifically designed for his waterjet machine instead of what was offered: a process chiller retrofitted to run the waterjet machine with too tight of temperature parameters and parts that are not needed.

A waterjet machine likes temperature below
65 F. The temperatures do not have to stay
+/- 4 F. Eliminating the need for all the extra controls and valves makes a chiller more dependable, less expensive a lot more efficient; thus, The Trade Mark Waterjet Chiller was born.

Mark Hensley with his Trade Mark Waterjet ChillerMark and 1st Production Unit

Puron Refrigerant Green EarthTrade Mark Waterjet Chillers use environmentally friendly R-401A refrigerant.

Trade Mark Waterjet Chillers are proudly manufactured in the USA.




Trade Mark Waterjet Chiller Sales: 1-830-367-1935 or toll free: 1-830-370-2362

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Trade Mark established in 1979.
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